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Grow Tent Kits 
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Ready to grow? Start right here at Clyde’s.  We combined high-tech grow tent kits with a 3-hour hands-on Beginners Grow Workshop that will have you prepared to be a successful indoor cultivator.  All kits include everything you need to set up a grow tent and air filtration system.  We even have all the last bits and pieces (pots, soil, etc.) available with the in-home tent setup package to ensure you can start growing on day one.

The AC Infinity CLOUDLAB series enables you to grow your desired plant year-round and is specially made for gardening indoors. Place it in any room in your home such as your closet, basement, guest room, or garage. 

AC Infinity Grow Tent Kits

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The Spider Farmer series merges high-quality tents with state-of-the-art Samsung LED lights to help you successfully grow. Ample space for either standard grows or Sea of Green. 

Spider Farmer Grow Tent Kits