Home Grow Supplies

Whether you’re a novice or expert, Clyde’s Hemp Company has got you covered. We carry Grow Tents and Air Systems from AC Infinity and Lights from Spider-Farmer.  Additionally, we carry other supplies and accessories to me your next grow a success.

Why buy your grow equipment from Clyde’s Hemp Company? Simple, we are a local business that seeks to better our community. Yes, we will beat Amazon’s prices. Our pricing on home-grow equipment reflects our dedication to building and invigorating the cannabis community in the DMV area. We want to get as many people growing as possible. Unreasonable prices are counter to our goals. Plus, a portion of every sale goes to help fight climate change by planting trees.  Stop by the store today and see how Cylde’s can get you growing for less.  

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AC Infinity Advance Grow Tents

A grow tent designed to grow plants indoors by providing complete control over climate conditions. Featuring a quick-view observation window, this grow tent uses a waterproof oxford canvas with a 2000D thickness for higher durability and light-proofing. 

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Cloudline Fan System
for Grow Tent Ventilation

The  Cloudline duct fan system is designed to quietly cool and ventilate grow tents. Features an inline speed controller utilizing an inline mixed-flow design,  which will maintain airflow even in high static pressure applications.

Spider-Farmer Grow Lights

Get better light penetration using Spider-Farmer lights which feature Samsung Diodes-the highest light output LED available at present. The state-of-the-art lights deliver a powerful output with uniform canopy penetration resulting in maximum yields.

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