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Clyde's Hemp Company 101
Using a Plant to Save the Planet

Alongside the climate crisis, our planet is experiencing unprecedented levels of decline in biodiversity. We believe climate change and wildlife habitat degradation are causing the problem, and we have to act now. Failing to stem the loss of biodiversity or mitigate the effects of rising temperatures will ultimately doom our planet. 

Diverse and complex ecosystems are critical for all species' survival, including humans. As ecosystems break down from habitat loss and degradation we face an increasingly fragile future. Though it may seem a long way off we are facing an existential threat to life. In Rural America and many coastal regions, the effect of climate change is clearly observable in the economic harm caused by species loss and weather patterns. The impact will be felt by marginalized communities first. We need to do more, do better, and go faster to win this battle.

The continued environmental harm to our planet is a preventable crisis -we together can end it, but it takes action. We invite you to join Clyde's family fighting to stop the damage to our communities, wildlife, and planet.

Clyde's Hemp Company was founded to assist in the fight against climate change loss of biodiversity. Our business model – Positive Impact Commerce (PIC)- we make money to fund reforestation and habitat creation. We are not a non-profit. We are a profit-seeking company which allows more flexibility to reach our goals. Unlike other for-profits that only seek profit for shareholders, we're in business to generate money to protect the earth.

Some have asked if we plan on giving away our profits, why not be a non-profit. The answer is simple. We believe that to make a difference, we need to have as many people involved as possible. Not every household has the financial means to donate. Their budgets are constrained by the high cost of living, housing costs, student loans; many are just on a fixed income. Instead of choosing between getting needed self-care products and donating money, our customers can do both without spending more. 

Clyde's Hemp Company is committed to having a material positive effect on the environment and communities where we operate.  We are employee-owned and pay our employees a livable and equitable wage. In every guiding decision, we place making a positive impact ahead of profit. We utilize every tool to reduce our impact and use offsets to ensure we positively impact the environment.


Our philosophy

Learning is a constant process that is fueled by mistakes.

We will make mistakes – we will learn and improve- our path moves forward without fear of making more mistakes in the future.

Be thoughtful in production and sourcing decisions.

We make procurement of American-made source material and labor a priority. When it comes to our suppliers, we place emphasis on finding and using vendors led by people of color, women, or veterans.

We understand the effect that plastic packaging has on the environment.

We make every effort to use packaging that has a minimal impact on the environment. In some cases, we may fall short of our goals, and in those times, we will use carbon offsets to mitigate our footprint.

Reduce the negative impacts of commerce.

Being mindful of how our actions affect the broader community and environment is a guiding principle at Clyde's. We must continuously strive to find better, smarter, and more efficient production methods to lower our products' environmental impact.

We recognize that some Americans have been systematically discriminated against for generations.

Economically and politically disenfranchised communities have little incentive to care about conservation when they are financially vulnerable. It's impossible to look 20 years into the future when having the next month's rent is uncertain. Creating opportunities for household financial security means more people will have the bandwidth to get involved and take action.

Our values

Provide the best for our customers.

We strive to provide the best for our family of customers. Our commitment to the best means using only sources committed to positively impacting our communities. We provide the best for our customers by committing to using low environmental impact packaging. We provide the best to our customers when we put the planet and people first.

Follow good science.

We believe in the objective pursuit of truth and fact. We are entering a new era that exponentially increases the speed of discoveries and understanding. We must follow the science even when it is contrary to the way "we want it to be." The science of cannabis has just begun, and we cannot assume that we already know the answers.

Respect, protect the environment and people.

We believe that the only impact we should make is a positive one. All profits go to funding projects that respect and protect our environment.

Save earth.

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